Friday Finds


I’ve had to take a step away these last few weeks. I’ve had some family things to deal with that have taken over all my time and energy. Everyone is doing well and all is now moving towards good things but I simply didn’t have any time to bake or blog or write anything at all. Pictured above are the fresh tomatoes from my garden which is what has kept me grounded and sane recently. So now I am back, I will be gone all long weekend but back to regular posting next week. So what’s happened in the world since I’ve stepped away from my keyboard?

Most importantly. We have a Gilmore Girls Trailer and release date! I am so beyond excited it’s crazy. If you need me on November 25 I will be holed up with my sister watching all the episodes in a row and not looking at the internet or my phone until I have had time to watch them all and process all my feelings. Just hearing the familiar la la’s actually made me misty eyed. No word of a lie.

And while we’re going into serious nostalgia for the early to mid 2000’s The Hills is having a 10 Year Anniversary Special. Gilmore Girls was legitimately great television, the Hills was legitimately not but my sister and I watched it together religiously for years so I know what we’ll be doing on August 7.

Of course there is all the controversy over Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech. But when you watch Michelle Obama’s speech from the DNC this year it makes you forget Mrs. Trump even made a speech. What an incredibly articulate and intelligent woman. What an inspiration. As a Canadian I am going to sorely miss having the Obama’s as the first family of our neighbours to the south.

And to depress you just a little bit read History tells us what may happen next with Brexit and Trump. It’s not good guys, it’s really not good and it’s global.

And for something to lift you up, I love the way Beth writes and her photography over at Local Milk and I will have to try her cardamom rose iced latee. Witch coconut milk of course. What a delicious, decadent treat!

I hope that your long weekend is filled with sunshine and swimming and fresh air and laughter.




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