Friday Finds


Since the first official day of fall is September 22 I am of the opinion that we still have more than a month of summer left! No need to panic friends, there’s still time to hang out on beaches, drink margaritas on patios, swim in lakes and go on road trips. The fact that I’m getting married in less than two months is admittedly freaking me out a little bit. So much to do! But so excited for the day to arrive! So this week we achieved aquafaba meringue, which means that we’re basically superheros. There’s nothing we can’t do! Let’s look around at this world of ours and see what the weekend has in store.

We live in such a beautiful country and we should all enjoy it as much as possible by seeing as much of it as we can. These Top 12 Road Trips in Canada fill me with wanderlust and ideas for future trips. Probably won’t make it out of Ontario by the end of summer but Prince Edward County could happen!

There’s unused cement space on the side of my house and I’ve long been pondering putting a pallet garden there. This step by step tutorial makes it seem like a real thing I could do. Plant a fall garden to enjoy until the first frost comes along.

Which leads me to Planting a Fall and Winter Garden. More plants! All the vegetables for as long as we can keep them. I’m going to start harvesting and drying my herbs soon. Saving my dill seeds etc. I mean we still have a month of summer left, but I like to plan ahead.

This is a really succinct way of fighting “just joking”. It is often used as an excuse to say horrible things. I really cannot wait for the American election to be over, I am so tired of hearing about the newest hate filled, frightening thing being said by a man running for president.

I love Joy the Baker. I mean, we all love Joy the Baker. Her blog is a bright spot in the world. Her tutorial on How to Frost a Cake is life changing! I am terrible at frosting cakes. I think that has been well documented on this blog. I never thought of washing the cake decorating knife to stop the frosting on the knife from sticking to the frosting on the cake! Game changing. I am going to need to bake a cake just to try this frosting idea. Also using a pastry bag! Genius. We can all look like master bakers now!

I hope that your weekend is less humid then mine is bound to be!



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