Friday Finds


First of all I need to say happy anniversary to my pup. This is one of my first pictures of him when he had first settled in with us, he was just about two when we got him, full of energy and love. Now four years later the only thing that’s changed is his age. I can’t imagine the last four years without his cuddles!

The lilac bush outside my house is starting to bloom! I absolutely love and adore lilacs, they have to be my favourite flower in the world. The smell of them fills me with so much happiness. Also making me happy? The fact that I’ve finally started planting in my backyard. I’ve got thyme, lemon thyme, sage, lemon balm, lavender, basil, cherry tomatoes and more. I find so much happiness and peace in planting, in being outside with the sun on my shoulders and my knees in the dirt. It really doesn’t take much to make me happy, give me a little bit of dirt to earth, some sunshine and some warmth. This week has been a bit of a tough one for me personally, all is well just some difficult things on the horizon. So, let’s focus on the good, the happy, the positive. I think we could all use it!

So I follow Joy the Baker (don’t we all? I love her writing!) and I saw her post on milk chocolate cookies and cream cookies. They quite simply look like cookie nirvana. I mean, come on! So of course I took that as inspiration to make a vegan version of these cookies. They turned out simply incredible and I will be sharing that recipe with you tomorrow. So, for now just peruse her posting and salivate over the gorgeous pictures.

The Fort McMurray wildfires are awful and scary and horrifying. So let’s look for the good in the bad, the Calgary Herald wrote an article on how the Syrian refugees have banded together to donate money and goods to the displaced people of Fort McMurray. These are the times I am so very proud to be Canadian, when we help each other.

I am basically blind so I wear glasses and contacts depending on the day (and how much sleep I’ve had the night before). I enjoyed this piece on makeup tips for wearing glasses. I’m not somebody who wears a whole lot of makeup but I like to try new things and I want what I do wear to look the best it can!

I am making a concerted effort to only buy cruelty free cosmetics and other beauty products, but wandering the drugstore aisles desperately searching for that little bunny emblem can take a long time. Luckily Cruelty Free Kitty has compiled a great list of cruelty free brands from independents, to drug store brands, to the high end goods!

I am obsessed with this video of Seychelles by Hopscotch The Globe. If you get a chance to watch it in 4K, definitely do! It looks amazing! I know Kristen from doing a show together several years ago. Her work is awesome and entertaining and I highly recommend you check it out!

Get out there and enjoy the sunshine!





Friday Finds


Oh hi. Winter decided to throw a going away party with a snowstorm this week. The bad thing about snowstorms is the salt all over the sidewalks which are bad for my pup’s paws. The good thing about snow storms is taking him to the park or into the backyard, throwing snowballs and watching his joy at playing in the snow. That face is saying, throw the ball already! It’s going to be spring real soon, this is winter’s last gasp so I’m getting nice and cozy and just enjoying how pretty the city can look blanketed in fresh snow. So while we’re getting cozy let’s take a peak around the interwebs and see if there’s anything interesting out there.

I am in love with this house over at apartment therapy. It’s like they took my dream family home and created it for me. We’re still going to be apartment dwellers for the foreseeable future, but I love to daydream about a house all our own (with laundry on site!)

I am deeply in love with this illustration by Lauren Mortimer that’s for sale on etsy and may have to buy it to put up in my office. It’s just stunning and makes me think of all of the best parts of childhood.

Maptia is an amazing blog all about travel that is well worth exploring. I came to it through their 11 Unstranslatable Words From Other Cultures post, which is illustrated and makes you think about the roots of language.

Ya, I’m going to have to make this banana oat baked french toast at some point over the next couple of weeks because it looks amazing. I love breakfast, I love it when it’s cereal from a box, or waffles loaded with fruit and whipped coconut cream, or coffee cake. Breakfast is far and away my favourite meal of the day and I’m always on the lookout for something new to try!

And I’m sure you’ve all seen it already but John Oliver brilliantly skewers Trump on Last Week Tonight. Hey American neighbours everything ok over there? Cause it’s getting a little bit frightening from where I’m sitting.



Surviving Until Spring


It’s important in the gloomy winter months to have a survival plan. A plan to get through the days with very little actual sunlight, the days where you wake up and it’s dark, you leave work and it’s dark . . . the days where the sky has been grey for weeks on end. It’s important to do things to keep you happy and productive until the days get long, the evenings get warm and the sun shines almost every single day!


Obviously a big thing for me is baking. Baking keeps my kitchen warm, it fills the house with delicious smells and it gives me a little sugar rush. I made my chocolate chip cookies and went a little crazy by subbing a 1/4 cup of vegan margarine out for a 1/4 cup of vegan cream cheese. It’s winter, we’ve got to get a little crazy, a little adventurous with our baking.


Another big thing for me is body butter. The heat being on constantly really drys out my skin. I was given this body butter as a Christmas gift last year and I am obsessed with it. The company is vegan, cruelty free and Canadian and the body butter smells incredible. It’s really thick and creamy so you only need to use a little bit at a time, which is how it’s lasted so long! I am in love with it but I can’t seem to find it in any stores! Anybody out there know where I can find it?


My nebulizer is another big thing. I bought it just before Christmas from saje. I am obsessed with saje, I just love walking in there everything is so beautiful and smells amazing. The nebulizer is part humidifier part diffuser. You fill it with water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil and it humidifies, cleanses and fills the air with scent. A great thing when you have a dog, the best air freshener around without any of the awful chemicals.


Liquid sunshine is probably my favourite in the winter, it’s a light citrusy blend that really perks me up. The Fiancé is partial to rain forest. If I feel a cold coming on I’ll toss some immune in the nebulizer and (knock on wood) it really seems to stop it in it’s tracks.


Tea is one of my favourite things in the entire world. I drink way too much of it. But I don’t know if there is anything in the world so comforting as a hot cup of tea. I usually go with a simple black tea in the morning (honey black is my current favourite) and then switch it up later in the day with a green tea.


The one thing more comforting than a cup of tea? Having a squishy faced bulldog snoring next to you. My dog is definitely my number one weapon against the winter blahs, you’re forced to go outside, forced to play and you get to have all the cuddles. He’s the greatest.