Sweet Olenka’s – Vegan Ice Cream Paradise


So I know that I touched on Sweet Olenka’s and all it’s amazing vegan ice cream before. I did a quick little write up included in my favourite vegan places in Toronto (which you can read here) but I think they really truly deserve their own post. Sweet Olenka’s has made all of my childhood dreams come true. Seriously. If you had told little girl Sarah that one day she could go to a place and choose from multiple flavours of ice cream (not sorbet, we can all agree that it is not the same thing) or an ice cream bar, or an ice cream sandwich, or order an ice cream cake. If you had told little girl Sarah that she could do all of those things and eat all of those things, she would have thought you were crazy. Pictured above is their salted caramel ice cream sandwich. It is incredible. So incredible that I’ve bought one the last two days and am seriously considering stopping by again to get one.


Now the most important thing for an ice cream shop to have is of course good ice cream. Sweet Olenka’s makes coconut milk ice cream (as well as regular ice cream for your dairy consuming friends) They have a constantly rotating list and never less than six different vegan flavours to choose from. Pictured above is cookie dough which might be my all time favourite. Although it’s hard to choose between cookie dough, salted caramel, birthday cake, cookies and cream . . . so many incredible options. It is no exaggeration when I say that I go here on a weekly basis. Once the weather warms up I am always there, even in the icy cold winter I’ve been known to pop in on a fairly regular basis (no line ups in the winter!)


I think that the best option in the winter is to go in and buy pints of ice cream to bring home, that way you have to venture out into the cold less. They have a freezer filled with pre-packaged ice cream and you can ask them to package up any flavour you fancy. It’s a bit dangerous having a freezer filled with incredible ice cream so proceed with caution.


And if you’re really in the mood to celebrate you can pre-order a vegan ice cream cake. I’ve tried the s’mores cake and the cookies n’ cream. I must say that the s’mores one really takes the cake (thank-you, thank-you, I’ll see myself out.)  They also have vegan chocolates, vegan cakesters (basically giant cupcakes) and other vegan treats. I feel so lucky to have so many food options now that just a few years ago would have been laughable. I am absolutely obsessed with this place and if you are lucky enough to visit my fair city you must check them out. You can find their website at http://www.sweetolenkas.ca